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  • 478052 pregnant women screened under Antenatal Screening till Sep 2018

    and 2000 Prenatal Diagnosis done in case of both husband and wife are Minor.

    We have been able to prevent birth of 343 Thalassemia Major children.

  • Dr. Madhuben R. Naik
    is awarded as
    "Best Social Award"
    By National Thalassemia Welfare Society(NTWS)
    in 7th National Thalassemia Conference
    held at AIIMS, New Delhi
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    On Celebrating World Thalassemia Day
    Indian Red Cross Society,Gujarat State Branch
    published Book on
    Under Prevention, Research & Control Programme
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  • Starting
    Pre Natal Diagnosis Lab

    Approved by:
    National Accreditation Board for Testing & Calibration Laboratories

  • Starting
    Pre Natal Diagnosis Lab

    This approval is granted first of its kind in India for a Voluntary non professional huminitation service provider organization.

MyStory - TB Control Project - INDIA

Case Study

Patient’s Name: - Mushratben Hasanbhai Shaikh
Age                  : - 55yrs
Place     : -           Ahmedabad

Musharatben is 55 years old widow. She belongs to very poor family with two daughters and one son.  Due to poor financial condition, she could not give proper education to her Children. For running the household, she depended on tailoring work and she had no other income.
One day she fell ill and she consulted a private doctor and in spite of her treatment, there was no relief and day by day her health deteriorated. Nobody diagnosed her problem which resulted in gradually losing her income as she was not able to carry on her work.

During this time Red Cross Volunteer came to meet her and counselled her to go to the DOTS center for proper diagnosis and treatment.
Once she was diagnosed with TB, Red Cross volunteer came to her and convinced to take proper treatment continuously. Red Cross volunteer also gave the information about tuberculosis and its treatment. Under the TB Control Project in Gujarat state, India Red Cross society also provided the nutritional and economic support to Smt.Musharatben H. Shaikh.
Unfortunately, after taking treatment for 2 months, she felt that she has been already cured and discontinued further medicines. Red Cross volunteer again contacted her and properly counselled and compelled to continue its full course of 9 months treatment.
She completed the course of treatment and completely cured. She was very happy to become healthy again and expressed her gratitude to Red Cross for its timely support and help in the matter at a critical time.

Due to the timely help and support from Red Cross Volunteers, not only I could recover my health, but also got proper awareness about tuberculosis which is an infectious disease. Now I can work and provide proper education to my children who are also well aware about the killer disease of tuberculosis and how to prevent it.

Smt. Mushratben Hasanbhai Shaikh
Cured TB Patient


Case Study- Cure of Tuberculosis Patient

Dressed in a traditional “seedha pallu” saree,  Bhavnaben is straight out of a traditional Gujrati household, where women are rarely seen as bread winners or role models. Staying at home could have been a comfortable, secure option, but Bhavnaben craved for something more…a vocation that could satisfy her urge for helping.

Red Cross became Bhavnaben’s volunteering call, one year ago, when she chose to motivate people from the community to get checked and treated for TB. At 46, it is a rarity in India, especially for women, to venture out. But this gutsy woman refused to take a no from the societal norms. Leaving her home responsibilities at home, she now cheerily goes around the designated localities,  tracking TB patients, motivating them to go to the DOTS centre for their dosage, many a times actually accompanying them as well.

Bhavanaben seen here with women from the community

And it is due to her efforts that a poor vegetable vendor, Limabhai was finally diagnosed as a confirmed TB patient after two years of intermittent coughing. Bhavnaben motivated Limabhai to undergo investigations under the IRCS run TB Control Project in Surendranagar district of Gujarat.

She counselled and convinced him that his treatment would be totally free, and his condition was completely curable. She took him to the hospital where he was declared TB positive. Bhavnaben’s efforts did not stop here. She accompanied Limabhai to the DOTS centre for the whole treatment tenure. And now fully cured Limabhai has only prayers for Bhavnaben and lauds her humanitarian efforts.

[Bhavanben has helped 5 TB patients in her tenure with the IRCS
Bhavnaben has helped cure 5 patients of Cat II under the TB Project India. IRCS appreciates the sincere efforts of such motivated volunteers, who draw their inspiration from an undying humanitarian goal. The movement indeed attracts success at its programmes due to persistent and unrelenting efforts of volunteers such as Bhavnaben.. Three Cheers for you, dear Bhavnaben.


Case Study- Cure of Tuberculosis Patient

Name of Patient: - Mr.Kasambhai
Age: - 60 years
Place: - Surendranagar district
Name of Volunteer: - Mr.Hitenbhai

A 60 years old vegetable vendor Mr.Kasambhai was diagnosed with Cat-II (Relapses) TB patient. He was put on treatment under TB no.199/12 at mahatma Gandhi Hospital TB Unit, Dhagadra Primary Health Centre under surendranagar district.
He was vegetable vender and not taking regular treatment. One day he came in contact with Red Cross volunteer Mr.Hitesh valani under TB Control Project-India sensitized by Indian red Cross Society Gujarat State Branch. Hiteshbhai became a DOT Provider to Kasambhai TB Patient.

Hiteshbhai (Red Cross Volunteer) had to go patient’s house more thanb couple of time in day to look for him. Kasambhai was a vegetable vendor and he spitting around frequently which is risky to other people and clients, so that our Red Cross Volunteer was provided preventive measure like Mask, Spittoon- and also giving medicine  to the patient. Sometime kasambhai was not taking the medicine. In the evening, several times Hiteshbhai had to go to patient’s house to motivate and counseled the patientfor completing his treatment. At the end, he completed his treatement and his last follow-p done, which turned to be negative. Kasambhai is completely cured and doing his work.

This case study show that, the training given by Red Cross Volunteer was very useful and a number of patients got cured.