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  • 478052 pregnant women screened under Antenatal Screening till Sep 2018

    and 2000 Prenatal Diagnosis done in case of both husband and wife are Minor.

    We have been able to prevent birth of 343 Thalassemia Major children.

  • Dr. Madhuben R. Naik
    is awarded as
    "Best Social Award"
    By National Thalassemia Welfare Society(NTWS)
    in 7th National Thalassemia Conference
    held at AIIMS, New Delhi
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    On Celebrating World Thalassemia Day
    Indian Red Cross Society,Gujarat State Branch
    published Book on
    Under Prevention, Research & Control Programme
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  • Starting
    Pre Natal Diagnosis Lab

    Approved by:
    National Accreditation Board for Testing & Calibration Laboratories

  • Starting
    Pre Natal Diagnosis Lab

    This approval is granted first of its kind in India for a Voluntary non professional huminitation service provider organization.

TB Control Project - INDIA



Ahmedabad district   Map Surendranagar district Map


Gujarat Red Cross works on controlling the tuberculosis in Ahmedbad and Surendranagar districts which reduces the rising burden of MDR-tuberculosis and addresses vulnerable Cat-II re-treatment patients and put back on treatment till they are cured.

With support of Indian Red Cross Society National Head Quarters, Gujarat Red Cross has covered 560 beneficiaries (Cat-II TB Patients) and providing social support to the patients. We have also trained cure patients along with volunteers who work together for curing the TB patients. 

  • 230 most vulnerable Cat-II TB Patients are selecting, providing nutritional support and follow-up the patients and cure them


Under this Project out of 560 patients, 279 patients are cured, 230 patients are on treatment.




Total Patients


On Treatment














We have observed Cat-II TB patients regularly in every week during their treatment time so that we have known the condition of patients and also known that who the patients are not left their treatment. We have also counselled the patients during their treatment period.

Volunteer Training Progamme :

We have organized volunteer training programme on RNTCP module.  25 volunteer were participated in this programme.

Care and Support :

We have doing Care and support of TB patients so that we have known the improvement of the patients.

Awareness Camp :

We have organized awareness camps. This activity helped in early diagnosis, reduction of stigma and decreased transmission of TB by increase awareness.

Monitoring and Supervising :

Under this activity We are doing follow up of case regularly in every week so that we can reach through patients and provide care for every patient.
Need for continuous supervision & monitoring in order to identify Problems and implement corrective actions


Workshop :

Theme: - Sensitization of Red Cross-District Branches and RNTCP officers in RNTCP”
On 24th March 2014, we have organized the Workshop on “Sensitization of Red Cross-District Branches and RNTCP officers in RNTCP” The workshops aim and objectives are  to sensitise Office bearers of Gujarat Red Cross on Basics of RNTCP and Potential areas of collaboration with RNTCP. Communities will also be encouraged to open windows to reduce the transmission of TB bacteria. The workshops will allow for a platform for TB discussions in order to effectively fight towards the TB.

Dr.S.P.Agarwal, M.S. Secretary General of Indian red Cross Society -National Headquarters and President of Tuberculosis Association of India – gave detailed information about how the TB project was conceived and working satisfactorily in different states of country and the treatment of such MDR-TB patients costs more than 2 lacks rupees per patient apart from the trauma to the patient and the fear of its transmission to the community. He stated that the strongest points of the programme were its dietary nutritional supplements to the patients and that many cured patients go on to become volunteers of the Indian Red Cross the community. He also gave information about scenario of tuberculosis in India and how to fight towards elimination of tuberculosis. He also introduced our volunteer’s work in TB project like The volunteers find out the reasons as to why NSP cases have become cat- II in their respective areas, spread awareness about importance of complete treatment and ensure satisfactory adherence to the treatment.


Our Secretary General was released TB Project Souvenir under TB Project-India.

CLICK HEREto download TB Control Project Book.

About 200 people (Medical Officers and STS and TBHV of Ahmedabad and Surendranagar Districts) participated.


Celebration of World TB Day :

“Theme “Reach Three Million. Find, Treat and Cure TB “

As we know to create awareness among all people regarding TB, we celebrated World TB Day.

Celebration of World Aids Day :

Theme “Getting to Zero New HIV Infection” ,Zero Discrimination ,Zero AIDS Related Deaths

We celebrate World AIDS Day by rally programme and creating the awareness in community.

Dr.Madhuben R.Naik Chairman of Indian Red Cross Society Gujarat State Branch gave information about the AIDS disease and how to prevent by Media communication. In this programme 50 people were participated.

Social Mobilization :

Social mobilization is the process of bringing together all feasible and practical intersects oral allies to raise awareness of and demand for a particular programme, to assist in the delivery of resources and services and to strengthen community participation for sustainability and self-reliance.