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  • 533321 pregnant women screened under Antenatal Screening till April 2019

    and 2329 Prenatal Diagnosis done in case of both husband and wife are Minor.

    We have been able to prevent birth of 396 Thalassemia Major children.

  • Dr. Madhuben R. Naik
    is awarded as
    "Best Social Award"
    By National Thalassemia Welfare Society(NTWS)
    in 7th National Thalassemia Conference
    held at AIIMS, New Delhi
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    On Celebrating World Thalassemia Day
    Indian Red Cross Society,Gujarat State Branch
    published Book on
    Under Prevention, Research & Control Programme
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  • Starting
    Pre Natal Diagnosis Lab

    Approved by:
    National Accreditation Board for Testing & Calibration Laboratories

  • Starting
    Pre Natal Diagnosis Lab

    This approval is granted first of its kind in India for a Voluntary non professional huminitation service provider organization.

junior red cross / youth red cross - indian red cross society, gujarat state branch


The Junior Red Cross like the adult Red Cross Society is a voluntary organization, non-governmental, non-political, non-sectarian and international in character. Under no circumstances should pressure be brought to bear upon a child to become a member.

Forming a group - If a school desires to enroll as a Junior Red Cross group, they can obtain the application form from the District Red Cross Branch. In its absence, it can be availed from the State Branch. It should be filled and forwarded by the enacting Counselor (i.e. the teacher in the school) to the District or State headquarters through the headmaster. After the receipt of the form, a meeting of the whole school be arranged and in their presence a Red Cross speaker can be invited to disseminate the objectives and principles of the Junior Red Cross. After the meeting students interested to become JRC members can be registered. Then the application form for membership should be completed and forwarded with the “Annual Group Membership Fee” to the District or State branch office. If membership buttons are required, the desired number should be stated on the form and enclosed along with its cost.
In return the school will receive from the State headquarters a group membership certificate, a membership roll, and membership buttons if ordered by them. The names of the officers and members of the Junior Red Cross group should be inscribed on the membership roll, which should be displayed at a prominent place in the school campus. The next step is for the Counselor to hold a meeting of the JRC members as registered and help them elect among themselves, their office bearers i.e. Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary, and decide what their programmes will be held in the coming term on the lines suggested under the heading of programmes by the NHQ and the guidance of their headmaster.

JRC Uniform:
JRC Boys/Counselor: White half hands shirt; white full/half pants; white shoes and socks; scarf, vougles and badges with the Red Cross emblem.
JRC Girls/Counselor: White Blouse; white skirt/saree; white ribbon for hair; white shoes and socks; scarf, vougles and badges with the Red Cross emblem.

Role of the Principle/Headmaster:

  • Nomination of the teacher for JRC Counselor’s training course.
  • Collection of JRC fees from the students
  • Remittance of registration fees as per the prescribed percentage to the State branch.
  • Support to the Counselor’s in chalking out the yearly plan for the JRC activities and providing the funds for the activities.

Co-ordination with the JRC sub-committee of the Education District if operative

Role of the JRC Counselor’s:

  • Receive the JRC Counselor’s Training
  • Formation of the JRC group
  • Conducting the JRC classes regularly
  • Collection and maintenance of the accounts of the JRC funds
  • Co-ordination with the Headmaster, and compulsory participation in the activities of the JRC.

Counselor’s Pledge:
“I pledge to counsel the Juniors in achieving the aims of the Junior Red Cross, namely Promotion of health, Selfless service, National and International friendship by setting the example myself”.

Junior Red Cross Methods
1, Organize and register your school group, (see Organization Leaflet).

  1. Appoint your Counselor.
  2. Order membership buttons for those who want them,
  3. Arrange a suitable time for the group to hold its monthly meeting, at which the Counselor must be present.
  4. See that the Treasurer collects the membership fee monthly or annually as convenient, and sends it to the District Red Cross Branch.
  5. Programme - At the first meeting of the school year a programme of activities for the year should be drawn up.
  6. The high school JRC groups are guided with a plan of action for one year. Every month has the activities under the abiding “AIMS” for the formation of the JRC group. This plan of action can be referred for ideas, but any new methodology followed will be appreciated. It should be kept in mind that the four aims should be followed and implemented with every activity.